From Nature to Nature

located in Limburg the major region of fruit growing in flanders, this performance took place aside one belgian fruit distribution company.
The concept of changeability of living systems, alienation of seasons, irregular temperatures and unexpected weather changes are more and more present in our life.
We live in an era of controlling, reliant, obsessed system, which is growing towards its economical collapse.
The reality which humanity suspends its own existence towards the capitalism system and mass production reveals an armful threat towards nature and human Health. Nature will always survive. The question is, will human race survive?
It is essential a constant search to bring the meaning of nature:
A socio-Political construction from “nature to nature” remaining a fertile symbiosis with our existence: in order to avoid contemporary diseases, disorders and failures.
Life is the icon of survival and nature is the icon of life.


Tempus Arti 2012
Curated by Tim Cleuren
Concept: Maria Lucia Correia
Performed by: Timothy Vandewalle, Valentine De Meester, Erik Vandewalle, Maddy Soete, Inge Bollen,Tom Kostermans, Daan Thewis, Bollen Conny
Children: Anouk Strouwen, Zoe Strouwen, Anais Snets
Camera/ Editing: Stijn Deceuninck
Photography: Nina Vurdelja
Assistance:Jonas Pinte, Sim Vandevelde, Jos Mellote
Nurse: Bert Cleuren

From Nature to Nature
From Nature to Nature
From Nature to Nature
From Nature to Nature