We are sea Protecting itself

Saturday, June 11, 2016 in Odeceixe Beach.

The action is a performance protest against fracking exploration in the region of Algarve.
During the action-performance participants were writing letters to request the cancellation of contracts between government and ENI / GALP to send to the General Directorate of Natural Resources, Maritime Security and Services (DGRM).
This action is a response to the request of ENI / GALP consortium to be entitle to use the ocean as a private Space National Maritime (TUPEM) and conduct oil prospection at 46.5 kilometers from the beaches of Arrifana, Monte Clerigo, Amoreira, Odeceixe, Carrapateira and Amado.
video: https://vimeo.com/170452889


Joined collaboration :
Maria Lucia Cruz Correia, Celine Jacinto and Laurinda Seabra
With the support of:
ASMAA, Junta de Freguesia de Odeceixe, Concessao da praia de odeceixe
Mark Pozlep(Fotografia), Cláudio Correia (vídeo), Tiago
Photography: Miguel Proença
Maria Lúcia Cruz Correia, Celine Rodrigues, Matias Baço, Paulo Constâncio, Beatriz Garcia
Elias Garcia, Johanna, São Gonçalves , Xana,Catarina, Lucas, Michelle, Patrícia Ganhao, Carolyn Gomez, Ethan, Catarina Ferreira, Hugo Baço, Paulo Constancio

We are sea Protecting itself
We are sea Protecting itself
We are sea Protecting itself
We are sea Protecting itself
We are sea Protecting itself