June 2022 - 2024 Natural Contract Lab and Common Dreams, in collaboration with the new organisation Least, Switzerland

march- may - Common Dreams School, casco-co, Leuven


Nov Caudal restaurativo, Terra batida, Alkantara Festival, Portugal

1-8 October - Natural Contract Lab, Dream city, Tunisia ( postponed 2022)

8-24 October - Natural Contract Lab, Re.Nature Festival, Netherlands

4- 11 September - Vivant COAL, Espaces Génération Nature, for the World Conservation Congress [IUCN]

August - Natural Contract Lab, far° Nyon, Switzerland ( postponed 2022)

July - Natural Contract Lab, Research investigation study case 3: River Tejo, Portugal

June - Natural Contract Lab, Oerol Festival, Netherlands ( postponed 2022)

23 - 24 June - Common Dreams School, Cifas, Brussels

22 June - Forensic Plant Lab, Wpzimmer, Antwerp

1 May- Common Dreams School, DRIFT, Vooruit, Gent (canceled)

23 - 24 April - Common Dreams School, Cifas, Brussels

April Natural Contract Lab, Research investigation study case 2: Sebkha Sijoumi - Dream city Festival, Tunisia

26 - 27 March - Forensic Plant Lab, a collaboration with Gosie Vervloessen, Wpzimmer, Antwerp

3 March - Webinar- The Cultural Adaptations Conference by Creative Carbon Scotland

23 fev - Conference #4Voice of nature: how to represent nature in democratic debates, an initiative of Marie TOUSSAINT
with Maria Lucia Cruz Correia( Kinstitute), Maud Le Floc’h ( “Loire Parliament”), Rebecka Le Moine (Member of the Swedish Parliament), Graham Smith (University of Westminster), Anne Van Leeuwen (Embassy of the North Sea)

18 feb - Water Webinar - Art Activating Water Awareness by Christel Stalpaert
With CuSusannah Sayler and Ed Morris, Peter Aers and Lotte van den Bergh, Greg O. Niemeyer and Maria lucia Cruz Correia

01 feb - a webinar on environmental justice - moderated by Kopano Maroga with Amanda Piña (nadaproductions), Maria Lucia Cruz Correia and Grace Ndiritu

Jan- Sep- Natural Contract Lab creation period in residency in Wpzimmer, Workspacebrussels, Ntgent and Vooruit.


14 - 19 Dec - collective residency- Within Others collective, [Maria Lucia Cruz Correia, Gosie Vervloessem, Marialena Marouda, Christina Stadlbauer, Kobe Matthys, Workspacebrussels, Belgium

7 - 8 Dec - Workshop- Sint Lukas Antwerp, Belgium

4 dec - Talk on "the trial of nature" and the "Kinstitute, REstART Festival, European Forum for Restorative Justice [EFRJ]

23 nov - 2 dec - residency - Cosmic Diplomacy-Guardian of nature, Vooruitkunstcentrum, Gent

20 - 21 nov - Jurisplâncton by Maria Lúcia Cruz Correia and Vera Mantero, curated by Terra Batida, presented in Alkantara Festival, Lisbon, Portugal

9 nov - Lecture- within a series of Art gender environment lectures, Université de Genève, Switzerland

4- 7 nov Commun singuliers #2, Nyon, Switzerland

30-31 Oct- workshop- Common Dreams:Flotation School @ Cifas, Belgium

5 - 9 oct -residency- Cosmic Diplomacy-Guardian of nature, in WorkspaceBrussels, Brussels

3 oct -speech- Why Theater? Just asking, opening weekend Ntgent, Gent

2 - 14 Sep *- Collective Residency - The Sea - Curated by Terra Batida in 23 MILHAS, Portugal

Sep Trajectory artist in Wpzimmer

15- 19 August - Common Dreams: Flotation school @ far° festival des arts vivants Nyon in co production with HEAD – Genève- Switzerland

Article Epistolary exchange with Katrin Kettenacker on Common Dreams- flotation school

Article by Nina Vurdelja on Klaxon megazine - on how to find the imaginary from the living

21 of June - ritual performance- Guardian of nature - ritual - online event by Catinca Tabacaru Gallery

May Collective residency Horror & Antropocene

Documentary on artetv channel Very Green Trip on the impact of anthropocene, ecocide and climate change

Article by Lieze Roels De Natuur aan zet


28 nov ceremony award 10 shortlisted of COAL prize

23 sep UrbanActionClinic - workshop with Steven Desanghere CIFAS Urban Academy Art et activisme en période d’agitation climatique

12 Sep Voice of Nature - The Trial @ Anti Festival Kuopio - Finland
13 Sep Voice of Nature - The Trial @ Anti Festival Kuopio - Finland

27 Aug Voice of Nature - The Trial @ Mladi Levi Festival Ljubljana - Slovenia
29 Aug Voice of Nature - The Trial @ Mladi Levi Festival Ljubljana - Slovenia

article by Cécile Dalla Torre

17 Aug Voice of Nature - The Trial @ Far Nyon - Switzerland
18 Aug Voice of Nature - The Trial @ Far Nyon - Switzerland

26 Apr Voice of nature: An artistic quest for restorative interventions- lecture @ KU Leuven - Belgium

20 Mar Voice of nature- lecture @ Réparer : outils juridiques et pratiques de soin La Gaîté Lyrique - Paris, France

April- July The Art of Organizing Hope, european research, Victoria Deluxe, Belgium

April Common Dreams:Flotation school@ Contour biennale 9 Coltan as Cotton, Belgium

1st March Premiere Voice of Nature - The Trial @ same same but different festival Vooruit - Gent, Belgium

article by Prof. Christel Stalpaert Cultivating Survival with Maria Lucia Cruz Correia