@Marco Berardi

Correia's artistic work speaks her deep engagement for ecological crises and climate emergency. She reacts to the environemtal crimes of our times by bringing audiences into participatory laboratories that connects the artistic with the voices of scientists, activists and lawyers. Correia’s visual installations, performances and participatory laboratories talks from the idea of
 a complex ecological community, incorporating humans and non-humans, as a reality in which audiences are triggered to connected to a ‘more-than-human-world. While proposing temporary and autonomous platforms, Correia's proposes contemporary discourses on the anthropocene, nature colonization and climate emergency. Most of her projects are resilient tools to disrupt social immunity in relation to cosmopolitics, by proposing utopian public services as alternatives for the current capitalistic system. As process of radicalization, transformation and restoration. Since 2013, Correia is an artist in residency in Vooruitkunstcentrum and her work has been supported by Imagine 2020 network. In 2017 she received the Roel Verniers Prijs at the Theaterfestival with her first theater piece Voice of nature: the trial.

“Today’s ideas about identity and ownership are increasingly defined by the market-based values imposed by society upon each and every individual in the world. Despite this fact, the notions of utopian time and space have remained the central tenets of Correia’s practice. The many and varied manifestations of protest and resistance, that have emerged in her recent work, have openly been positioned against the profit-driven colonization of natural resources by the engineering processes proper to capitalism’s life-control. Without hesitance to expose her personal discomfort with this situation, her work uncompromisingly demonstrates one particular need: to have the limits of power clearly demarcated once and for all. In her public appeal towards this goal, she pushes forward the idea of collective action where our joint responsibility for the humankind’s gradual downfall is to be not only recognized as an urgent, though formal, task across the world – but to be seriously accounted for”.

Marko Stamenkovic