2012 Transmedia postgraduate program in arts, media and multimedia, Luka (BE)
2010 Post master in Advanced Performance and Scenography studies, A.PASS ( BE)
2006 Graphic Design, ESAD- Escola Superior de Artes e Design (PT)
2005 Exchange studies, kunsthogskolen, Bergen Norway

Ongoing projects/collectives and networks


Trajectory artist supported by Wpzimmer
Founder and artistic coordinator Voiceofnaturekinstitute
2020-21 embedded artist on collective research project about social-environmental conflicts Terra Batida
2020- 21 Supported artist by Far Nyon


ongoing -</http:> - Founder and artistic coordinator
ongoing - member of RJ responses to Environmental Harm network
2012-2019 Trajectory artist supported by Vooruitkunstcentrum
2016- 2019 Trajectory supported artist by Imagine 2020 network
Part of curatorial group, Drift, in collaboration with Vooruit and Green Track
ongoing</http:> - contributor as an artist</http:> - contributor as an artist/activist
Ongoing “WITHIN OTHERS” - an interdisciplinary research group focused on multi species and otherness with Marialena Marounda, Christina Stadlbauer, Gosie Vervloessem and Kobe Matthys.


ongoing Common Dreams: Climate schooll -Founder and artistic coordinator


Urban action clinic - Founder and artistic coordinator - Artistic coordinator

2013-2019 - Artist in residency

Selected grants/Residencies
2017 Roel Verniers Prize, Het theater Festival
2017 Caux dialogue on land and security, Caux , Switzerland
2017 Imagine2020 Summer Lab: FARM CAMP. Hosted by COAL, Paris
2017 Portuguese Emerging Art Catalogue 2017
2017 Artsadmin, 2 Degrees Festival, London
2017 Center for creative ecologies, University of California, Santa Cruz, US
2017 Nolugar, arte contemporaneo, Quito, Ecuador
2016 Center of Contemporary Art, Zavod Celeia Celje, Slovenia
2014 Development research grant from Flemish Ministry of Environment and Culture
2013 Piano Fabrik, Brussels
2013 Cultivamos Cultura and Ectopia in collaboration with National Laboratory for Civil Engineering
2012 Truth is concrete, Steirischer Herbst, Graz
2012 Fear no more, the laboratory of insurectionary imagination, Kampnagel Summer festival, Hamburg
2011 STUK, Leuven
2011 Neighbourhood project, Performance space, London
2011 Les Bans Connective, Brussels
2011 Imagine 2020, Domain d'O, Montpelier
2011, Brussels
2010 PAF, France
2010 Kunstfabrik, Berlin
2010 Inov-Art Grant, from ministry of culture in Portugal
2010 Buda Kunstencentrum, Kortrijk
2008 Guest artist in “Evolution-Revolution workshop”, Sutra artist Residence, Kathmandu

Work Presentations:


Common Dreams:Flotation School, a contribution for Tender Provocations of Hope and Fear, J&J / Jessica Huber & James Leadbitter - Vooruit / Museum Dr. Guislain- Gent
The soil you want, Center of Contemporary Art, Zavod Celeia Celje, SLO
Common Dreams:Flotation School, Trefdag van Pulse Transitienetwerk Cultuur, Roma – Antwerp
Common-dreams: Flotation School, Vooruit, BE
Common-dreams: Flotation School, Sorry not Sorry,BE
Common-dreams: Flotation School, MEDS Urban haven, BE
Earth: Vigil, PS IperformancespaceI, Folkestone, UK
Common Dreams, TESZT festival, Romenia
“1 place and 1440 seconds”, Lampa conversations festival, New theater institute of Latvia (LV)
Matter and media of the invisible: the archaeology of memory, collective exhibition, Portugal


The age of Anthropocene: evolutionary perspective on future law regarding climate change. Performance debate:Ready to Change Conference, Bunker, Ljublijana
Common Dreams, Mladi Levi Festival, Bunker, Ljublijana
Secret Experimental Observatory for Global Matters, collaboration with Benjamin Verdonk, Mladi Levi, Bunker, Ljubljiana
We are sea protecting itself, Action in Praia de Odeceixe , Portugal
Urban Action Clinic, TEDxGhent spices, Gent
Common Dreams, Vooruit, Gent
Why did we close our eyes, mind the book, Vooruit, Gent


Pain Perdu, Luca School of Arts, Brussels
Garden talks, Vooruit, Gent
Urban Action Clinic, Trefdag 2015 ‘No Voice to Waste’, Gent
1 place and 1440 seconds, Santarcangelo Festival, Italy
Urban Action Clinic, (im) possible Futures, Vooruit, Gent


1 place and 1440 seconds,PHARMAKON, Kaaitheater, Brussels
1 place and 1440 seconds, Transitie festival, Vooruit, Gent
Niets Verloren Festival, Atelier de Stad, Vooruit, timelab, Gent
1 place and 1440 seconds, Possible Futures, Vooruit. Gent
O.E.E. ontological ecology of echos, Sul Sol, Verbeke Foundation, Antwerp


O.E.E. ontological ecology of echos, “Sul- Sol”, curated by Marta de Menezes, Portugal
Possible Futures festival, Vooruit, Gent
“Trajector Intermezzo”, Trajector art fair, Brussels


Pharmacopoeia the art of popping pills - 3th Medical Art Meeting and Exhibition, Antwerp
Tempus Arti, Landen
Frau Freitag, Karlsruhe


Theaterfestival, De Singel, Antwerp
Summercamp Electrified, Timelab, Gent
kortrijk Conge, Buda Kunstencentrum, Kortrijk
Festival ‘Fresh’, Buda Kunstencentrum, Kortrijk


Bâtard festival, Brussels
Tempus Arti festival, Curated by Tim Cleuren, Dirk Lambrecht and guestcurator Jan Hoet, Landen
Echobase, Antwerp
Ithaka Festival 09, Leuven
Echobase, Antwerp
Nepal Art Council, Kathmandu, Nepal