During the workshop the participants will discover potential ways of dealing with human collective trauma provoked by the loss of landscapes and the spectral cosmology that comes from more than human grief. Together we will navigate through practices of ecological restorative justice as a way to deal with emotions that can be turn into active regenerative actions.

While floating on the common dreams: flotation school , Maria Lucia Cruz Correia and researcher Evanne Nowak introduce the different stages associated to climate change grief. A contemplative dialogue through the stages of denial, affection, connection and action.
The workshop starts from a short series of questions, to figure out how we position our selfs in times of climate emergency and how we deal with the loss of landscapes.
Trying to connect the personal memory with collective climate trauma and the controversy of proximity, distance and empathy towards the harm of distant landscapes.
How people respond to ecological issues may involve unconscious associations as we tend to ignore unknown emotions, sensations and illnesses.

During the workshop the participants will discover potential ways of dealing ecological distress and try to find ways to move beyond.

What have we lost when our rivers and forests are degraded or altered? What aspects of ourselves are in the places we reside? How might we understand the narratives of loss in the context of environmental “hyperobjects”? Is there a sense of mourning?
We want to share voices of morning and grief beyond the human.

The work session includes a survival meal with ingredients that last for more then 10 years.

Co creation in collaboration with Evanne Nowak

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