Vigil Earth

Is a performance intervention in the context of the program "The Vigils" which is about holding space to think, reflect and act. A series of four performance events giving platform to the urgent thematics of Black, Rites, Earth and Sex.
The proposal was to write on a table what the earth would be missing if there were no humans left on earth.
I miss being forgotten. I miss acid rain.
I miss revolution.
I miss industrial waste.
I miss being cut into pieces and become a table.
I miss politics. I miss plastic waste.
I miss being exploited and raped.
I miss people laughter. I miss fossil fuels.
I miss children playing.
I miss the sounds of people having sex,
I miss the cry of just born baby,
I miss humans complaining.
I miss pollution contamination.
I miss construction. (...)


Concept and performance: M. Lucia Cruz Correia
Produced by IPSI Performance Space, Folkestone, UK
Production: Bean and Benjamin Sebastian
Documentation: Luke Jones

Vigil Earth
Vigil Earth
Vigil Earth
Vigil Earth