Urban Action Clinic

U.A.C is a garden laboratory focus on environmental tactics to counter act pollution disorders in urban spaces. An utopian prototype for a public service which cities could offer to its residents in order to inform and facilitate advises and actions towards a healthier environment.
We focus on social activation, by facilitating scientific methodologies to visualize levels of pollution in your neighborhood and find restorative methodologies forms to act upon this very complex problematic which involves solutions to eliminate toxic chemicals and heavy metals from industry and car pollution.
This is a laboratory where science, art and activism join forces to raise awareness on the impact of air pollution in the city. Together with Pr. Roeland Samson, Nathalie Hunter and Steven Desanghere.

Together with scientific team of prof. Roeland Samson from University of Antwerp we use a magnetic method ( SIRM ) to monitor the level of pollution in plants. This test offers a precise visualization of the amount of ferromagnetic particles (PM) deposited on the leaves. Visitors are welcome to bring a ivy leave from their neighborhood and we give immediate results.

With artist and botanist Nathalie Hunter visitors will have an insight on phytoremediation techniques and local plants which are remediating the soil and human body from pollution.

In the clinic visitors would receive a KIT- anti pollution with advises about phytoremediation plants, useful links concerning transition organizations in Belgium, labs where they could test their plants, most common pollutants, advises to detox body and soil.

The Action stands for punctual performances in the public space with the aim to bring awareness on air pollution in urbanscapes. The visitors could have an individual appointment in the clinic with Lucia. During the consultation visitors could share personal ecological concerns involving their body, home and neighborhood. In this appointment Lucia was offering environmental prescriptions with legal advises, restorative methodologies and creative activistic tools.
As an environmental prescription, together they were designing an action.

more info: https://urbanactionclinic.org</https:>


Concept and Design: Maria Lucia Cruz Correia
Scientific team: Coordinator Roeland Samson and assistants: Ana Castanheiro and Verhelst Jolien
Plant research and Drawings: Nathalie Hunter
Activist dramaturgy: Steven Desanghere (Vredesactie vzw)
Documentation: Joey Van Kerckhove
Technical assistance: Mark Pozelp
Production assistant: Charllote Dhont
thanks to Maarten Soete
Supported by VooruitKunstcentrum and Campo (im)possible futures

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Urban Action Clinic
Urban Action Clinic
Urban Action Clinic
Urban Action Clinic
Urban Action Clinic
Urban Action Clinic
Urban Action Clinic
Urban Action Clinic